A New Year Beckons us to go where no man has gone before!

 A New year beckons! 2017 is coming and we are looking to increase the amount and diversity of our resource utilization. Currently we have 60% utilization weekday evenings (we are booked Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) for various training and community building activities. We would like to add an Artemis gaming group Friday evening or maybe Tuesday evening.

Our current use is nicely diverse with Financial LIteracy training, the Spoken Hands (deaf) group, and men’s basketball benefiting from our facilities, but we have been missing LAN gaming and we are set up well for Readmore..

Money is Fun! If you have some!

In the last 20 years or so as the economy has become worse and worse an increasing number of capable but poor young couples, single parents, and seniors have been made homeless. These people would work and support themselves if only they were permitted to do so. A huge part of this problem is debt, in particular student loan debt. Those who are still in their own homes are hanging on by a thread usually because most or all their income is lost to debt service. 

Picture of Poverty in Chicago, IL USA

Two youths in uptown, chicago, illinois, a neighborhood of poor white southerners.

Recognizing that this fundamental and preventable problem is so important is the motivation for provision of the free and open to the public Dave Ramsey Financial Peace training offered by Adult Life Training, Inc.

The next class starts Monday Jan 2, 2017  6:00-8:00PM and this is a great way to start a new year and a better life. A “Membership Kit” can be purchased from the Ramsey organization, but it is entirely optional.Here is a link to register for class or to buy materials to give as Christmas presents to those you love. http://fpu.com/1031451 

picture with link to Google Map

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Interested people (or families, or groups) can also call Abundant Life Church at 260.432.0014 for additional information, to register, or to arrange training through your own church or organization.It’s bad but it’s not hopeless: none of us has all the answers but together we can do more than any of us can achieve alone.

Super Saving 01-02-2017 | 6:00pm
Relating With Money 01-09-2017 | 6:00pm
Cash Flow Planning 01-16-2017 | 6:00pm
Dumping Debt 01-23-2017 | 6:00pm
Buyer Beware 01-30-2017 | 6:00pm
The Role of Insurance 02-06-2017 | 6:00pm
Retirement and College Planning 02-13-2017 | 6:00pm
Real Estate and Mortgages 02-20-2017 | 6:00pm
The Great Misunderstanding 02-27-2017 | 6:00pm

She found an extra $700 a month she didn’t know she had!

zMaking a budget helps Jody S. and her husband, Stephen, breathe easier. Like, $700-a-month easier. … “We weren’t telling our money where to go, so we were just spending it! I remember looking back, saying ‘What did we buy this month? Where did it all go? We have no money!’” she says.

You can take control of your money, just as several million other families have, through the training available in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University curriculum. Readmore..

Passion Planner made personal

Yvette and Cynthia making their Passion Planners their own with leather stamping and paint.

We received a donation of ten Passion Planners this year, and had the last four for the last Senior Aides group. If several people buy Passion Planners this year, and refer Adult Life Training by entering our email address, jdnash@alt-fw.org, in the box during checkout, then we will get one new planner for every three people who order.

This Senior Aides group was expected to start at the end of September, but delays happened and the group started this week. So we will learn what we can of Personal Time Management and Goal Setting this month, before the planners run out of days!

Or maybe 12 people will order Passion Planners and enter our email address in the box at checkout so they send us some more planners for 2017!

You can get access to all the .pdf files from Passion Planner if you follow their simple instructions. Look at http://www.passionplanner.com/downloads/ for more information.