Financials Posted for Jan-Jul 2012

Financials through July have been posted now. We brought in about $408.11 and had to spend $529.35. Some of that may be coming back to us.

Normally our income is about $200 per year, so we are already twice that level, HOWEVER due to some changes at the Abundant Life Church which donates our occupancy, we must move to a new room. We just capitalized about $400 in the existing computer lab room for electrical upgrades and painting, and we may be receiving some help with moving expenses from ALC which will reduce those expenses.

The new room is nice and electrical and plumbing upgrades are now in progress. There will be two rooms: existing PC classes will be continued in room 137 where the PCs from the old lab will be installed. We will also be sharing room 134 with some other groups to provide training in use of mobile devices. This room is an upgrade and will include a sink, counter, and refrigerator so that refreshments will be accessible during classes.

The work remaining to be completed before we can move the PCs is:

  1. Electrical contractor to install 120VAC power recepticals for the PCs and one laser printer in the PC lab room 137.
  2. Floor in room 137 needs to be cleaned and waxed — the surface has been worn bare in some spots. This task is scheduled for completion Monday 8/13 through Tuesday 8/14.
  3. Network cabling and active components must be made and installed for room 137 and 134. A new gigabit class hub was donated toward this end.
  4. HDMI, network, and power cabling must be installed for the teaching room 134. Less institutional feeling lighting also is needed — the ALC youth department has donated some incandescent track lights for this purpose.
  5. Sound system components and servers must be moved and installed.
  6. White boards must be moved and installed.
  7. Security cameras must be moved.

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